05-08-24 | Dev

Why Are You Building

Pieter Levels, AKA @levelsio, the indie dev extraordinaire behind Nomad List and Remote OK, made a great joke post the other day, claiming that his recent project, Photo AI, was built using all of the newest and coolest frameworks. In actuality he used what he always does — by far the least cool tech stack imaginable, jQuery and PHP. And so what? He gets a little less street cred on web dev Twitter? His websites print tens of thousands of dollars a month, and he’s always been very open about be...

05-07-24 | Dev

God Bless the EU

These days the EU and its army of bureaucrats are the butt of many jokes about a continent that increasingly shuns innovation in favor of regulation*. While some of this criticism may be deserved, it’s also important to deliver praise where warranted. So, I’m happy to say thank God the EU is around to curb the excesses of American tech giants. Companies like Apple create great products that add value to our lives, but that doesn’t mean we should give them free rein to engage in anti-consumer pr...

05-06-24 | Dev

All About Errors

Errors in TypeScript aren’t great. If you live and breathe the language, you might not get what I mean, so I’ll explain how errors are handled in TypeScript and compare this to a language I think does it better. In TypeScript much of your code can throw errors, but this is not explicit. Function return values make no reference to possible errors; there is instead an implicit understanding that one might be thrown. So you wrap the concerning code in a try block, and in the catch below you discri...

05-04-24 | Dev

Use What Works

04-24-24 | Dev

Clickity Klack

04-23-24 | Dev

I love Arc

04-22-24 | Dev

SQLite Rises

04-21-24 | Dev

Return of the VPS

02-18-24 | Dev

Fun with Queues

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